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15 2020 Construction Projects To Look Forward This Year!

15 Construction Projects To Look Forward This Year!

The year 2020 is going to be a promising year in terms of development in the construction industry. There are state-of-the-art architectural projects underway this year. With the advancements in technology and the inclusion of robotics and automation in the field of construction, these projects are considered the most advanced buildings that will re-define the […]

Buckminster Fuller - The Brain Behind Geodesic Homes

Buckminster Fuller – The Brain Behind Geodesic Homes

Buckminster Fuller re-defined the architectural structures by applying basic yet integral geometry concepts to improve houses and shelters for humans. The basic ideology was to create cost-effective and efficient homes and shelters in minimal time. Not only that, the comfort of the dwellers is the priority behind this state-of-the-art Geodesic housing concept. In the early […]

9 Essentials For Your Brick Garden

Bricks are timeless, they are frost proof, and they add character to the building. When used in the garden, they can ooze Victorian charm and make your garden visually appealing. If that’s not enough, they are cost-effective and last longer than other options used to decorate the lawn. Gardens can be your sanctuary, a place […]

Nature Is The New Trend, 5 Ways You Can Adopt It Now

After hundreds of years of neglect, humans are refocusing their vision. With the massive environmental changes, now an average millennial is focusing on giving back to the environment. Being considerate to nature is the latest trend and it is being embraced by celebrities, environmentalist, and the general public. When you come to think of it, […]

9 Architectural Designs That Redefined The Word ‘Modern Architecture’

Buildings, they are often built to serve a single purpose and that purpose is to accommodate the people, but occasionally you come across with a building that is sheer beauty, it is a treat for the eyes, and soothe your aesthetic sense. Such buildings are rare to find but they can offer a visual treat […]