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4 measuring mistakes to avoid while using online calculators.

How many times has it happened that you have recorded a reading in a hurry, bought the material and made all the cuts, only to realize that one reading was erroneous and that the error has compounded and caused all the cut material to go to waste?

The 5 golden rules of DIY projects.

As beginners and intermediate level makers, some tasks should be avoided at all costs. This is because costs are all that you will be left with if you attempt them with the limited knowledge you have about the project at hand.

How can students make the best use of our online calculators?

An increase in class workload stresses up students as they often have to do more work to achieve good grades than they can handle. In turn they get frustrated and are unable to focus and think straight. Students will overschedule their plans to meet up with the class workload

Are you in the roofing business? Use our calculator to estimate the roofing material needed for your next build.

Roofing is measured in squares. Roofing contractors can use a simple geometry and online calculators to figure out a roof area and buy materials. The key is to be as accurate as possible with your measurements and calculations since falling short, or buying more material than you need, could mean thousands of dollars might get added to your budget.

Construction Floor Plan

Buying new floor fittings? Here’s how you can measure your apartment floor accurately.

Many home improvement projects require you to measure the space you will be working in. Renovations such as installing new flooring and painting walls, require such measurements to be made, for example, if you’re putting in flooring, you need to know the area of the floor and if you are painting, you need to know the area of the walls and ceiling.