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4 measuring mistakes to avoid while using online calculators.

Online calculators, like the ones on our site, are useful tools for people on the go. We understand that our users do not have a lot of time to search for relevant calculators online and that they are looking to perform complex math functions at the click of a button which is more than […]

The 5 golden rules of DIY projects.

DIY projects typically provide us with an opportunity to save some cash in this economy, so many people are warming up to the idea of becoming makers and do-it-yourself-ers. However, not all of us up to the task always. We need to be mindful about the projects we undertake and the time and costs required […]

How to measure the square footage area of borders for your next garden landscaping project?

Garden borders of wood, rock, brick or plastic look great on garden landscape and help highlight its prominent features and enhance its natural beauty. Garden borders can be of different shapes and sizes depending on the area of land around the house. Furthermore, they are a practical way to reduce and control weed and grass […]

How can students make the best use of our online calculators?

An increase in class workload stresses up students as they often have to do more work to achieve good grades than they can handle. In turn they get frustrated and are unable to focus and think straight. Students will overschedule their plans to meet up with the class workload in other to get good grades […]

Why is knowing square footage area so important for home owners and real estate agents?

Home buyers, sellers and real estate agents like to discuss most about price per square foot when comparing homes and estimating their value. It is an easy number to calculate (if you use our online calculators on and an easy concept to grasp. If you are going to use this metric in the home […]

A guide to calculating how much siding you need for a garage renovation project.

Exterior cladding, or siding as it is often called, can change the entire look of a house. It can give it an entirely different look and feel as compared to the inside. That is, if you are going for that contrast. Otherwise it can complement the interiors of your home as well. Hence it is […]

Buying new floor fittings? Here’s how you can measure your apartment floor accurately.

Many home improvement projects require you to measure the space you will be working in. Renovations such as installing new flooring and painting walls, require such measurements to be made, for example, if you’re putting in flooring, you need to know the area of the floor and if you are painting, you need to know […]