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4 measuring mistakes to avoid while using online calculators.

Online calculators, like the ones on our site, are useful tools for people on the go. We understand that our users do not have a lot of time to search for relevant calculators online and that they are looking to perform complex math functions at the click of a button which is more than... Read more

The 5 golden rules of DIY projects.

DIY projects typically provide us with an opportunity to save some cash in this economy, so many people are warming up to the idea of becoming makers and do-it-yourself-ers. However, not all of us up to the task always. We need to be mindful about the projects we undertake and the time and costs required... Read more

How can students make the best use of our online calculators?

An increase in class workload stresses up students as they often have to do more work to achieve good grades than they can handle. In turn they get frustrated and are unable to focus and think straight. Students will overschedule their plans to meet up with the class workload in other to get good grades... Read more