The understanding of calculating square footage is much more important than you think. Whether it’s about buying a whole new home or it’s just to justify the tax you are paying, if you know the exact size of your home, then it will be of unmatched assistance. Not to forget, that is also essential while renting or selling a property.

When you have decided to sell your home, it is important to have the accurate square footage of the house as it will help you to compare it efficiently with other properties.

Additionally, if you are purchasing a home, then it will help you to verify whether the estate agent or seller is quoting accurate details. That helps in finding out the exact market value and you will be confident in purchasing such property whose price and the area are justified. So, it is an important factor in buying and selling of properties.

1. Is it necessary to hire experts to calculate square footage?

Calculating square footage can be a difficult task as there are various formulae to measure square, gravel, trapezoid, concrete, circle, and other shapes. Not everyone is familiar with the process but things have evolved over the course of time and it has become much easier than ever. One can easily visit the online Square Footage Calculator and enter the required data. It will calculate the answer in square footage by itself and you will get the accurate number.

So, it might be difficult but you can do it yourself. However, there are some things that should be considered to find out the perfect size. For instance, there are several parts of the home like garages and a basement that are not included while calculating. So, you need to be aware of such things so that they can be calculated accurately.

It is pertinent to mention that there’s not a single standard for calculating square footage. So, we are sharing some of the most common tips and techniques to help you calculate efficiently and accurately with Square Footage Calculator:

2. Height of Ceilings

One of the most common mistakes that people make while calculating square footage is that they don’t consider the square footage of the ceilings at all. Ceilings are one of the criteria as per the American National Standard Institute. It is said that it has to be at least 7 feet to count it as a livable space.

However, if there are obstructions beams, ducts, and others, then the requirement is lowered to 6 feet 4 inches. So, you have to first measure the ceilings, then proceed with the calculation of total area through Square Footage Calculator.

3. Measuring Basement and Attic

While measuring the square footage of your house, you can not include the basement as it is against ANSI policies. That being said, the majority of people end up including their basement while measuring the square footage of the house. The reason for not doing so is that it is below the property and not counted as useable space.

On the other hand, if the attic is finished and meets the height rules, then it can be included in the total area of the house. You can make use of Square Footage Calculator to find an accurate measurement of your attic. Plus, you should make sure that if you are renting or buying a house, then the square footage of the basement is not included as you will have to pay for such space that is not even allowed by the law.

4. Finished & Unfinished Spaces

The majority of people get confused about whether to count finished spaces or not. If your home has a finished space that connects with the hallway or stairway, then the specific area will be included in the total square footage. If finished spaces are connected in any other way, then they won’t be included in the total square footage.

The same goes for unfinished areas as they are not included at all while measuring the square footage. However, you can play smart by mentioning them in the description of your home as a bonus space. It will still attract a lot of people. Plus, don’t forget to use Square Footage Calculator while measuring the finished and unfinished areas.

5. Benefits of Knowing Accurate Square Footage

There are several benefits if you know the technique to precisely calculate the square footage of a house. As a buyer, it will make a huge impact on the seller and show that you are serious about the space. It can also save you from breaking your bank over an unfair amount. As a seller, if you already know the exact area of your house, then you can include it in your listing which will uplift the description.

Not to forget that Square Footage Calculator makes it effortless to find out about the precise area. But you should never forget about the expert suggestions that we have shared in this blog.