Square footage is one of the most important factors when it is about dealing with a property. It gives insight into the total area of the house and helps in understanding whether the space will be sufficient or not. It also evaluates the actual price of the property based on the number. So, it has become essential to know the concise square footage of the house so that it will be convenient while selling, buying, and renovating it.

The majority of people are not familiar with the accurate square footage of their house and there are some who have not measured till yet. The only reason is that the procedure is quite difficult due to which people end up neglecting and that can take a heavy toll in the future. Contrary to local belief, calculating square footage has become convenient and much easier than one can imagine.

The secret is to make use of the online Square Footage Calculator in which all you need is to enter the correct data about the space that you are measuring and you will end up finding out the precise area in square footage. Whether it’s tile and trapezoid or rectangular border, triangle, and gravel, online calculators have made it convenient to measure any shape in square footage.

There’s one thing to look out for while measuring the square footage of your house and that is those spaces that are not regularised in your state. There’s not a single global standard of measuring square footage and that confuses a lot of people. You have to find out whether the basement, garages, or unfinished spaces are included in your state or not. Once done with that, you are all set to proceed with the process.

Square Footage Calculator has made the work easier for the public, still, people end up making a few mistakes that have serious consequences while buying or selling the house. It is pertinent to mention that there’s no room for errors while measuring the total area as it confluence the price and tax.

If you are also facing difficulty in calculating the square footage by yourself even with the help of a calculator, then you should hire an appraiser. They are specially trained for this work and can do this task in no time. Plus, you can forget about the mistakes as they can accurately measure the total space. There are many other reasons that make them perfect for this job. We will discuss deliberately in the following sections, so stay with us till the end of the blog to find out how they are a good fit.

1- Fewer Risk of Mistakes

A common person doesn’t have enough experience in calculating the square footage of a house and that’s why they make mistakes. That’s not the case with the appraisers as they are well-trained with the procedure and can do the entire work in just a matter of hours. Whether it’s a small apartment or a bungalow, they can accurately measure the square footage without any error. So, you can count on them if you want to find out your house’s total area.

2- Familiar with the Local Standard

The main issue that occurs while calculating the square footage is to find out what should be included and which spaces should be left. These things totally depend on the local standard. There are some places that prefer GLA while the USA simply follows ANSI. If you are not familiar with the standard which is followed in your country, then you should simply take the assistance of an appraiser.

3- Got the Required Tools for Calculation

Appraisers have a complete understanding of calculating the square footage of a house. They can seamlessly carry out the work as they have the right tools required for the calculation. As for these days, they have opted for an advanced approach and started to make use of Square Footage Calculator which helps them to measure with minimal risk of error.

4- Can Help You to Save Tax

Square footage of the house evaluates the tax that you have to pay on the property. If the recorded area is not accurate, then you might end up paying more than required. So, you should hire an appraiser who will measure the total area as per the latest standard and get it registered. In that way, if you were paying additional tax, then you won’t have to do that anymore.

5- Make You Confident About the Total Area

People who often calculate the square footage are not confident in the result. Plus, a minor mistake and you will end up paying more than the required tax or selling your home in the loss. So, if an appraiser calculates the total square footage of your house, then it will create a sense of confidence as they make use of Square Footage Calculator which ensures no errors. Thus, you won’t have to worry about anything.