We all have some awkward empty spaces in the home that is troublesome to decorate. But if they are making a negative impact on the home and you wish to make the most out of those empty spaces, then we have got plenty of amazing ideas for you to fill them without messing with the overall look.

There are plenty of ways to fill the empty spaces, whether it’s through indoor trees or artifacts. It depends on the personal choice and the room that we are willing to cover. In my opinion, greenery is the best way to fill the empty spaces as it soothes the eyes and doesn’t even break the bank. Another amazing technique is to add a lamp that not only looks decorative but comes in handy as well.

There are a lot of ideas that I will deliberately explain in the following sections but in the initial stage, you need to find out how much empty space you have in the house. You can calculate it by measuring with the help of the Square Footage Calculator. I will explain to you how it can be done.

The first thing you need is to grab the measuring tape and find out the exact length and width of the negative space that you are willing to cover. Once you have got the data, you can multiply both through an online calculator and it will provide you with an accurate area in square feet.

After finding the empty space in square footage, it will be much easier to decide which decoration idea will be suitable for you. So, let’s get started:

1. Window Seats

If you have got empty space below the window of any room, then you can turn it into a perfect seating place. This decoration idea especially applies to the living room but it can be done in the bedroom, drawing room, or any other room as well. Once you put a series of comfy sofas below the window, I assure you that it will become the most soothing place for relaxation.

Whether you dedicate this idea for reading or just to relax, it will be of several applications as the illuminating sunlight will provide a comfortable environment. But don’t forget to add a binding and measure the correct space through Square Footage Calculator so that you can purchase the perfect seats that cover the entire space.

2. Empty Corners

Lighting is the most important part of interior designing as it contributes a lot to the house’s atmosphere. That’s why it should cover the various level of the room so that light can be spread at every part. However, corners of the room are the most common areas that remain empty and dull. So, the best way to fill them with an attractive and useful accessory is to grab the floor lamp.

It can add an aesthete look to the home and illuminate the corners. Plus, if you put it with a comfortable chair, then it could become a very own elegant space. Never forget to calculate the total free space with Square Footage Calculator so that you can purchase floor lamps accordingly.

3. Decorative Tables

If you have got negative spacing in your living room as well, then opting for a decorative table is the best option. It could be either a coffee table, side table, or an end table, but it will provide a premium look to the room. Plus, you can put some of your favorite decorative accessories like a small lamp, magazines, napkin holder, vases, candles, or any other object of your personal choice. Before you place an order for a table, make sure to find the correct size that you require through Square Footage Calculator.

4. Home Office

Since the COVID-19 has hit the globe, the work from home was applied by the majority of companies to control the spread of the novel virus. However, not everyone was prepared for it but as time passes, people are opting for personal workspace at home. So, if you have got an empty wall with enough space to put a desk and chair, then you are all good for a home office.

It will help you to make the most out of negative space in your home which will also come in handy for you.

5. Showcase Your Collectibles

Do you like to collect mugs, books, or anything that are good enough to flex, then it’s the best thing to flaunt on the empty spaces. Not only it will fill the empty space with mesmerizing products, but it will ace your hobby as well. You can purchase a wooden shelf or a visible cabinet to display your collectible. Therefore, the space that was boring once will become exciting and attractive. You can measure the space and use Square Footage Calculator to find out the exact size that you need to cover.