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Here’s What You Can Do with Square Footage Calculator!

Whether you are willing to purchase a whole new property for yourself, wish to sell one, or rent it out, having the knowledge to measure the exact square footage will help you get the real value of the property as the size is the major factor that evaluates the price. Interested people always start searching […]

World’s Most Sophisticated Buildings and Total Area In Square Footage

The world’s most prestigious buildings can be a great inspiration for architects and designers. The same goes for the tourists as everyone loves to gaze at the iconic towers and appreciate their mere art. Whether it’s a simple property or a sky-high skyscraper, it tells a lot about the culture of the country and its […]

Why You Should Hire An Appraiser To Calculate The Square Footage of Your House

Square footage is one of the most important factors when it is about dealing with a property. It gives insight into the total area of the house and helps in understanding whether the space will be sufficient or not. It also evaluates the actual price of the property based on the number. So, it has […]

Here’s what to Include in the Square Footage of a House

Whether it’s about purchasing a home or selling one, square footage plays a great role as it helps in driving the real value for the property based on the area it covers. Thus, it is important that an owner knows the actual square footage of a house, as it will come in handy during renovation, […]

3 Reasons You Should Know Exact Square Footage of Your House

Square footage is applied to the total area of a flat space that is covered. The majority of nations prefer to calculate the size of the property in square footage which helps in setting a selling or rent price. It has become the most important factor when it is about transactions of property as a […]

Why Square Footage Matters and How It Is Calculated

There is not a single international standard to measure the property but the majority of people recommend square footage as it gives much better data and helps to get an insight into the total area covered. There’s a lot of confusion among people when it’s about calculating and its importance. So, in this article, we […]