After hundreds of years of neglect, humans are refocusing their vision. With the massive environmental changes, now an average millennial is focusing on giving back to the environment. Being considerate to nature is the latest trend and it is being embraced by celebrities, environmentalist, and the general public. When you come to think of it, it is high time that we are thinking about nature and the impact of our lifestyle on our resources.

Let’s take a walk down the past and see what went wrong. The initial journey of mankind involved living in caves, then came the era of stone age when we were able to carve the houses from stone, the stone age was superseded by wooden houses and that’s when the downfall of the nature begun. We cut the tree, light them ablaze to clear the ground, destroyed the forests so we can live happily ever after. Well, it doesn’t work that way. What we got in the result of the destruction we are to blame for – is forest fires, erupting volcanoes, high temperature, freezing winters, and massive floodings. In its own way, nature is punishing us for disrespecting it.

It’s still not late to be mindful, to assess what changes can be beneficial for nature and the right time to do that is now. Thankfully, we are aware of the catastrophes of our own action and as a generation, we are willing to reform our ways. The construction industry is responding to the needs of its customers and adopting the measure that can limit the environmental destruction but there is still so much to do.

With these depressing realities, it is time to discuss how we as a responsible human can make a positive difference. One good deed is going to set the milestone which can be followed by millions and the impact of it will be uplifting.

  1. Go Green

We all know that greenery is good for our eyes. Trees, grass, and plants give you the feeling of peace and serenity. Including plants in your house decoration is not only beneficial for your health, but it is also great for the environment. Imagine the oxygen produced by millions of in-house garden! If you cannot afford a house with a lawn, bring the lawn in your kitchen. Add the plants you can use while cooking like basil, tomatoes, mint, and garlic. You will not only love the combined aroma of these ingredients, but it will also relax your eyes, and decrease the load of the production cycle as you are producing your own groceries.

  1. Bricks Over Concrete

Have you ever thought about the processing involved in making concrete blocks? Let me summarize it for you, grinding the stones mined by deprived children and a load of electrical waste! Brick is the best alternative you can get, they are environment-friendly, they are sturdy, and they look great. If you get the chance of choosing the brick over the concrete block – go for it. Bricks can bring a character to your house and you are going to love the uplifting red colour it can bring, with perfect lights, you are going to be a hit at your next party. These are just the extra benefits, the real perk is decreasing the production load and environmental hazard caused by the concrete blocks.

Nature is the latest trend

  1. Say No To Wood

I can understand and really appreciate the beauty and elegance wood flooring can bring to your house – but is it worth it? Thousands of trees should be cut and thousands of birds should lose their home for what – just because you want to use that wood for your upscale flooring? Go for brick or use paint to get the wooden effect as an alternative so the forest animals don’t have to go extinct because of your luxuries. Wooden furniture can be replaced by steel which can be long-lasting thus limiting your need to buy new furniture every few years. When it comes to being environmentally considerate – think of the long term effect your actions are going to pose to the environment.

  1. Central Air Conditioners Should Be Labeled As Nature Abusers

I can understand the need of getting a cool breeze in the summers but is it justified to install a central air conditioning system knowing how they contribute to the greenhouse effect. Your AC can be the reason we are dealing with sizzling hot summers in the first place. The gases emitted by air condition is trapped in the environment make it warmer – actually, the solution to the problem is, itself a problem. Go low on the air conditioning and incorporate natural ways to cool down your house. The natural ways include insulation and using thick dark curtains to limit the sun rays getting into the house. Indoor gardens can also help you lower the temperature of your house with an additional benefit of adding a visual treat to your home.

  1. Invest In Recyclable Materials

Whenever you are shopping for your home, invest in the products that are recyclable. If finding the recyclable product is hard, use the already manufactured product and use them for a new purpose. The plastic bottles can be painted and used to grow plants, plastic kitchenware can be used to make different birdfeed that will not only look good but also feed the birds. Wine corks can be used to make rugs that will keep your feet dry, warm, and clean. With just a little effort and creativity, you can bring a major change in how you live and it will reflect how much you respect and appreciate nature.

Nature Is The New Trend, 5 Ways You Can Adopt It Now

These are the few ways you can be considerate about nature. You don’t have to change your lifestyle drastically, just a few alterations can bring the inner satisfaction of doing the right thing and lower the impact of your actions on the environment. It’s high time to think about the environment and the nature fist, after all, we only have one planet to live on!