Bricks are timeless, they are frost proof, and they add character to the building. When used in the garden, they can ooze Victorian charm and make your garden visually appealing. If that’s not enough, they are cost-effective and last longer than other options used to decorate the lawn.

Gardens can be your sanctuary, a place of your own where you can be at peace with yourself. Today, we are going to tell you the secrets of decorating a garden like a pro. As you have guessed from the title, we will talk about bricks, but that’s not all, we are going to tell you all the tricks that can change your boring garden to the talk of the town. Utilize these tips and you will be known as the ‘keeper of the best garden’. So let’s start your journey of being the best garden keeper.

  1. Brick Borders

When it comes to distinguishing the lawn from the plants, bricks can be your best friend. You can add them horizontally or at a tilted angle to distinguish the lawn. Add the garden lights and you will enjoy the perfect ambience of coziness and comfort. Brick borders can bring a new life to your garden and add a color that will complement the greens. Be it the green bricks or the red ones, you are going to love their contrast with the forest green color of your lawn.

  1. Alfresco Chairs & Sunday Brunch

Vintage chairs and table can add the dining space to your garden where you can experience alfresco dining.  Alfresco chairs are an amazing option if you want to enjoy Sunday brunch or want to grill some burgers. Call your friends and plan a picnic in your own garden. Imagine your friends and family lounging on alfresco chairs, enjoying mimosa, and chatting with each other – a pure bliss which is one step away from you!

  1. Brick Pathway

What can be more charming than brick garden pathways? You can roam in the garden without thinking about ruining the grass and feel the nature unfolding beneath your feet. It is an exceptional combination of timelessness and comfort and you can enjoy it by giving brick pathway a try. It is going to be the best decision and it will last for years. Time can make bricks go pale adding a rugged feel of something which has been loved and appreciated over the time. It’s just like wine, the older – the better!

Brick Bricks

  1. Fountains & Fairies

Fountains bring smooth flow to the garden, it is like incorporating water – the basic component of life, in your sanctuary. Just gazing at flowing water is soothing and can bring a world of pleasure to you. You don’t have to stick with a single fountain, if you are blessed with a spacious lawn, add multiple fountains and make them the center of attention.  As most of the fountains use the same amount of electricity as any lamp, you don’t have to worry about the cost involved in maintaining it and its impact on your energy consumption. Adding fairy sculptures around the pond will create the illusion of a magical land so what are you waiting for?

  1. Brick Garden Walls

Garden walls can be of any material you like but bricks can be a new favorite of yours. They are trendy and they are high in demand. People are going crazy over the look of brick walls in Instagram photos and you don’t want to miss the trend. With lush green grass and red brick, you have the key to a perfect selfie! Your friends will want to capture every moment so ask them to tag you on that photo.

Brick Bricks in Garden

  1. Lanterns – The Light Of Life

Gone are the days when the lanterns were used as a necessity, now they are more of a fashion statement and they can work wonder for your garden. Hang them on the brick pillars and they will light the way to your mesmerizing garden. Add them to the surrounding of your pond and the water will reflect the light creating the perfect ambience to enjoy a spare moment.

  1. Brick Pillars

Brick pillars are a great way to add strength to your greenhouse or adding an oomph factor in your garden landscape. Add fairy light and roam in your magical garden where you will want to spend the rest of your life with your loved ones. Brick pillars can be round or rectangular so you can pick a shape that compliments your garden.

  1. Tea Lights For The Golden Glow

Tea lights can be the best investment you will make. They will change the way your garden looks at night. With so many colorful options, you can go crazily creative with the lights and they will look amazing. You don’t have to worry about the cost of electricity as there are battery options available. I personally like the soft glow of candles, but tea lights are more convenient as they will last for years and you just have to change the batteries.

  1. Garden Sculpture For Going All Out

Garden sculptures are so underrated but they are one of the best investment. Whether it is a grumpy goblin or a funny gargoyle, you can go as creative as you want. Add the combination of a cartoon character, your favorite superheroes, and mystical creatures to add the character to your garden. Decorate the sculptures with different color and lights to go for the combined effect of a magical fairy garden.

If you are looking to woo your friends and family and get the title of the ‘Ideal Host’, invest in your garden. Add a comfortable sofa, throw some vibrant pillow, add few sculpture, spread tea lights all over the garden, and enjoy your garden! Invite your friends over and bask in the feeling of impressing everyone. It is an area where you can reflect your creativity and embrace your natural desire to add color to your life. Take the chance, own your garden, and embrace the feeling of being closer to nature.