Going back to the past, exploring old memories, and finding a lost toys are among the most comforting feelings. The attachment you have with your childhood home cannot be matched with living in concrete building shining bright with their roof length glass ceiling. It doesn’t matter where you are living right now, sometimes you will miss your previous house like a constant ache. Millennials and Generation Z are familiar with this feeling and they want that comfort back. One of the most widely accepted approach to live in a house which is similar to the previous one and here is when ‘bricks’ make a grand entry!

I clearly remember the day when I used to toddle around in my nana’s home, scraping my knees while falling on the brick garden. Even considering the pain and not being able to wear cute frocks due to those hideous scars, I won’t trade that time for anything. Cherishing those memories is the reason, I wanted to incorporate bricks when I was finally able to afford my own house. What was interesting was the fact that it was the best decision. While researching for the designs, I got to know that bricks are the latest rage which is being embraced by almost everyone.

With the additional effect of a financially feasible solution, bricks add Victorian charm to a simple building. Whether you want to invest in something which is budget-friendly or just want to relive your precious childhood moment – bricks can be your best options because there is something nostalgic about going back to your roots.

The concept and idea of structuring building with bricks as the main component is not a recent one, you can still see the majestic brick buildings spread all across Britain. Even the modern architects are now embracing this timeless ingredient in all the buildings and it is bringing a new angle to the old-school method of building with bricks. Gone are the days, when bricks were just used for terraces or gardens – they are back with a bang and they are here to stay!

One of the best examples of this new yet old fashion is the use of brick in high-end, posh, and luxury apartments block in the area of Fitzrovia, London where glazed bricks are used inside the buildings while the regular one is used on the outside to give the block a look of timelessness. Keybridge Lofts in Vauxhall is all set to become the tallest residential brick tower in the United Kingdom and America is trying to match the pace. Architects and developers are on the same page when it comes to incorporate bricks in the modern structure – they love it! The search for the perfect colour and design is what motivates the modern architecture and they are searching hard.

When we talk about the brick structure, the US has various building they can boast about. Who can forget the whopping 1.97 million bricks used to develop 20th-century brick towers of Chicago and Manhattan? The facilities included remembering your childhood while enjoying swimming pools, and living the best adult life with concierge & spa!

The Impact of Environmental Consideration

When it comes to being environmentally considerate – millennials are one of the most informed generations. Gone are the times when human thought just about themselves, it’s an era of being respectable and taking into consideration how our actions are impacting the environment. Millennials were not really happy with the construction industry so they transformed the way they want to build and live. The environmental consciousness worked its charm and bring back brick as they are environmental friendly.

There are various reasons why millennial are ditching concrete and the first reason is heat protect. With the drastic effect of climate change all across the globe, there is an increased to build houses they can protect you from heat. Bricks are reported to have higher thermal mass as compared to the concrete block and that’s what makes their ideal for constructing the cooler home. Bricks can help keep your home cooler in summers and warm in winters. Days usually require less heat as compared to night which is where the thermal insulation properties of bricks come to play.

The second reason for brick being a cult favourite revolves around durability. Red bricks are durable and they provide a strong structure that can last for centuries. Bricks are durable and stronger as compared to the hollow concrete blocks. The durability of blocks is thought to last only for a few years if they are kept well maintained. Bricks can stand stiff weather, heat, flood, and provide the perfect material for lasting construction. Another advantage of bricks is that they burn less easily. As they are highly compressed earthen material, this compression makes them so dense that they are is less space for combustion to ignite & spread. Bricks boast the highest fire rating making them the safest choice if you are thinking about a fire-proof construction. Bricks are also reported to sustain fully developed and heavy fires far better than the concrete blocks.

Another perk of using brick is associated with lack of maintenance. The only cost associated with brick is what you are investing in buying and placing them, after that it’s a silk-smooth journey while blocks come with the constant package of caring and maintaining them throughout the years. An additional benefit of brick is the elegance they bring to your home.

If you the person who appreciates the timelessness of original beauty – bricks are your go-to option. Make your home cosy, secure, and nostalgic at the same time. Social media is upping the hype of bricks and bringing them in fashion again from the dead. Just when we thought that bricks are gone, they came stronger than before and considering the benefits, we are definitely not complaining!