In a world of architecture dominated by men, Zaha Hadid emerged as a feminist architect and artist breaking all the stereotypes. Also known as, the “Queen of Curves”, Zaha made her unique mark in the field of architecture with her unmatched splendid and imaginative designs. Many people criticized her designs as “unrealistic” or “unachievable” yet she proved everyone wrong by winning the most esteemed Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Zaha Hadid

No one knew that a girl born in Baghdad, Iraq would one day re-define contemporary architecture and designing. Her creativity was not limited to the field of architecture but she proved herself a true artist in domains including:

  • Fashion
  • Interior design
  • Urban planning
  • Industrial design
  • Painting
  • Yacht designing

She studied architecture at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. Her professors and peers had already acknowledged her talent and potential. That is why; one of her professors Rem Koolhaas gave her the title of “a planet in her own orbit and aurora”. After a few years of her graduation, she laid the foundation of her own architecture firm named as “Zaha Hadid Architects”. One after the other successful projects around the globe, Zaha Hadid became a trademark name in the field of contemporary architecture and design.

Characteristic Features of Zaha Hadid Architecture

Zaha Hadid is an epitome of futuristic architectural designs that signify fluidity and flow within the structure. She chose the path unknown to the rest of the architects by creating dynamic structures with geometrical shapes. So, the question is how did Zaha realize the abstract shapes designed on paper in the form of buildings and skyscrapers? She specialized in working with glass and concrete material and bent them in different curvy structures that represent fluidity in a bigger picture. She amalgamated the concepts of structure, flow and lightness to create masterpieces that can be built on the ground. Her cutting-edge buildings are a true representation of Zaha Hadid vision of modern fluid architecture.

Wonders created by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid has given the world magnificent architectural marvels since 1994. Following are the seven out of innumerable wonders by Zaha.

1. Vitra Fire Station, Germany

Zaha started her career in late 1970s but she was not able to realize any of her abstract designs until 1990. She got her first gig of designing Vitra Fire Station in Weil-am-Rhein, Germany. Zaha utilized all her imagination of intersecting planes transformed into one another to give an oblique structure. The entire building comprises of showrooms, factories, and museum. The building carries its fluidity throughout and one can see the dynamics of the building while passing through its walls. The building is a symbolism of angular planes intersecting one another to give a sharp and subtle outlook to the building.

2. MAXXI Museum, Italy

Another masterpiece by Zaha Hadid is MAXXI Museum located in Rome. The main purpose behind MAXXI Arte and MAXXI architecture is to promote arts and architecture among the general masses. According to Zaha herself, the building is a depiction of the culture of the city. It is place where creative ideas are exchanged. The facility has been built keeping in view its main purpose of arts exhibition. Thus, there are different connecting bridges that connect various art galleries.

Zaha Hadid Architect

The flow of light through the spaces elevate the design of the structure. The visitors can see the continuous light and dark spaces that adds to the spacious outlook. The interior of the galleries is entirely covered with a glass ceiling that illuminates the exhibition space.

3. Phaeno Science Center, Germany

The science center build in Wolfsburg is yet another iridescent building constructed by Zaha Hadid. The building is a true amalgamation of modern and classic architecture. The building gives an outlook of a classic architecture. At the same time, the latticework on the ceilings and the glass cutouts add the signature Zaha style to the building. The building is an embodiment of futuristic design created by Zaha. The science center looks more like a spaceship or a future home at some other planet.

4. Olympics Aquatics Centre, England

Zaha Hadid stunned every person on planet earth by designing Aquatics Center for the Olympics held in London in 2012. The motion of the waves are replicated in the structure of the building inside and out. The Aquatics center looks like a floating object placed rightly on the ground. The sunlight coming through the glass windows illuminated the entire pool area.  The roof of the building is designed like a wave moving in the water.

5. Shiekh Zayed Bridge, Abu Dhabi

The bridge looks like a piece of art from the outside balanced with curvy concrete flowing above and under the bridge. It is a two-way highway bridge with four lanes. Zaha achieved two goals with her curving bridge structure. She definitely left her mark with her signature flowing curve surfaces. The architecture itself was an inspiration from nature as the bridge structure takes its shape from sand dunes.

6. Galaxy SOHO, China

Galaxy SOHO center in Beijing serves its dual-purpose of being commercial as well as corporate offices center. Zaha Hadid took architecture to another level with her ultramodern design of oval buildings with glass ceilings. The building looks like a cluster of oval galaxies connected interconnected with curving pathways. There is a sense of rhythm and continuity in the fluid structures.

7. Hydar Aliyev Center, Azerbaijan

Zaha applied her creativity to construct an elegant and creative structure of Hydar Aliyev center in Baku. The building seems to be a mathematical symbol placed on the ground. It is a true demonstration of Zaha’s brilliance and creativity where she has managed to achieve a flowing fold in the roof of the building. It is interesting to note that there are 12 thousand glass panels placed at the front of the building. Zaha won the 2014 design of the year for creating this outstanding landmark in Baku.

Zaha Hadid

A Tribute to Zaha Hadid efforts

Some other noteworthy projects include brad art museum, Michigan, Ghangzhou opera house and Port House, Belgium. Zaha Hadid is the name of creativity and borderless architectural models. She believed that she can transform her dynamic designs into reality and she achieved that. She realized her ultra-modern super-fluid structure conceptualization.