How to incorporate beauty and character in your house?

You have always dreamed of decorating your home and doing the wall-art to enhance the overall interior of your home. You have a clear idea of how many bedrooms are going to be there, the interior of your living room. Not to mention about the kitchen, marble counters, electric chimney and its spacious cabinet. However, wait, it is all about the interior, settings and walls, etc. Have you given enough thought to the overall bigger picture of your constructed house?

You are excited about constructing your dream house and you are about to meet the architect who is going to convert your idea of perfect home into reality. However, there are so many points circling in your mind.

  • Should you go with open concept house with kitchen and living room attached to one another?
  • Alternatively, should you go with a central living room with your home designed around?
  • You like both modern and vintage looks but how to incorporate both in your dream home.
  • There should be an indoor and outdoor green gallery at the corner to make your home eco-friendly but you really do not want to consume so much less.

Definition of a “Characterful” house

You really want your home to be inviting, comfortable yet luxurious at the same time. On top of that, you want your home to be eco-friendly and sustainable. Your home should be portrayal of your personality, preference, and ideology. That is how you add your “character” to your house. Following are some examples of integration of beauty and persona to the house:

  • Basement: A basement that is not some storage place but a comfortable video-gaming area for your husband and kids. This is how you add a “wow” factor to your home.
  • Rooftop Garden: A rooftop can be mini-garden full of flowers and greenery. There is a vintage steel dining table in the middle to give you a perfect sunset sight while you enjoy your evening tea.
  • Contemporary Kitchen: A kitchen is no longer a place for just cooking meals but a hangout place to cook snacks or to have a chitchat with guests and other family members. That is why; a two-person wooden table at the corner of the kitchen gives a modern look.
  • Upper Attic: A cozy home-theatre room with floor bed settings and fairy lights to enjoy watching TV with family and friends.

This article is designed meticulously to give ideas about incorporating beauty and character in your house. Therefore, it is vital to give due importance to the overall beauty of the house by keeping in view following points:

  • Paint and wallpapers
  • Outdoor and Indoor lighting
  • Doors and window treatment
  • Wooden floor and tiles
  • Insulation and ceiling board

Open Concept Interior

This is fairly a new and most popular concept as it allows you to utilize the maximum space of your house with lesser number of walls. The idea is to create a bright and spacious house with open interior in which kitchen, living area, and dining room are open to one another to create harmony and flow. You many choose to have a partial open-interior with kitchen and dining room concatenated to one another with passageway leading to the main living room.

Front Wreath and Flower pots

The greener the front, the more inviting your house looks. It is going to be first ever impression of your personalization. Therefore, it is important to have designated spaces outside the windows where you can place small-sized flowerpots and wreath to ensure soothing impression at the onlooker.

Ceiling and Wall Paint

Dark, bright, and light paint colors give different texture and feel to the overall atmosphere of the room. If you are a fan of open concept house with floor-to-ceiling glass windows then you can go for dark navy or gray color for the ceiling to give a histrionic look to the room. Mind that dark paint makes the ceilings look lower so you need to ensure abundant sunlight in the room. If you are going to have a dark shade ceiling then the walls should be of lighter pale color to give a nice contrast. The concept can be applied in the same way with dark colored walls and light colored ceiling.

You can add bright and bold colors to the ceilings of your kid’s room to add more vibrancy and energy in the room. For smaller rooms like bathroom, dressing room, and powder room, try to go with subdued colors to make it more spacious and tranquil. You can go with a texture wallpaper for the passage, kitchen, and stairway. If your living room is either square or rectangle then you can paint the two adjacent walls in dark color and the other two in lighter color tone. In this way, you can place your couch against the dark-colored wall and your TV goes against the other dark wall.

A million-dollar tip is to chalk out a plan about the walls and ceiling paint colors for the entire house. Create a board and add sample paint colors along with their textures on the board to ensure the color uniformity throughout the house.

Types of Windows

Obviously, you want your home to be airy and full of sunlight during the day. You can opt for a full-length floor-to-ceiling glass slider on one side of the living room with a serene green view of the backyard. Similarly, windows are an essential part of kitchen and washrooms to enhance capaciousness. You can choose plantation shutters to add to the overall beauty of your home. They add to the overall beauty of your home from inside as well as outside. They are quite convenient to use and come with benefits including:

  • Insulation
  • Noise reduction
  • Organic light control

Other options other than plantation shutter include:

  • Contemporary blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Plain glass Windows

Wall Paneling

Wall paneling or wainscoting not only adds to the overall aesthetics of the interior but also adds to the protection of the walls from cold and moisture. It is important to insulate your house so paneling becomes more important. Additionally, it adds to the elegance of your house and can add to the flowing interior concept of your house.

Nook Area

Oh, yes. It is important to have an isolated nook area somewhere below the stairs or maybe living room that ensures one cozy corner to have a cup of tea with the sunlight coming directly at you through the glass widow. N L-shaped corner is a “must-have” nook that should be kept in mind while designing your dream house.

Wooden Floor v/s Marble tiles

Now, this can be a bit tricky if you want to incorporate both of them in your house. You can have light colored marble tiles in living room and wooden floors in the bedrooms or vice versa. From cleaning perspective, it is very easy to keep any of the above floor options clean. Vintage and rustic rugs go extremely well with the wooden floors. On the other hand, digital printed and modern rugs are a perfect match for the marble tiles.

Final Thoughts

You want your home to be a depiction of your life story and character. You can add as much luxury features you want but at the end of the day, you want to have a comfortable home where you want to spend the rest of your life. You want to add personalization and character to every corner of your house. Just sit down and make a plan about adding beauty to your house as interior is not just about furniture and decoration. It is in the details from the ceilings to the floor, from kitchen to the bedrooms, and from basements to the attic.