When it comes to measuring the accurate size of a house in square feet, there’s not a single standard due to which one cannot simply get a perfect size at all. It is not something that should be neglected because it helps to identify the real-time value of the house.

Since a single standard measurement is not decided till now, everyone prefers to measure the size through Square Footage Calculator or other preferred methods. So, it gets tricky for the majority of people as they don’t get to measure their personal property precisely.

It might be difficult but it doesn’t mean you can neglect it easily because the square footage of property really matters as it has direct confluence to the listing price. Not only does it matter for the seller but for the buyers as well because a person needs to find out if it’s big enough to meet their requirements.

An average person should be familiar with the process of measuring the square foot of an entire property. One can easily get manipulated by the estate agents, environment, amenities, and other factors which could end up in overlooking of the accurate size.

However, there’s a common technique to find out an accurate square foot of properties. All you need is to multiply the length of a room or any space by the width and you will get the perfect measurement. Not to forget that using Square Footage Calculator can make the job easier for you.

Once you have calculated the square footage of every room, then you have to sum up all of them to find out the complete square footage of a property. You might come across a few rooms with closets but there’s nothing to worry about as you can measure the length and width of each closet which can be later summed with the total square footage of the room.

You can further improve the process of measuring the square footage by following some tips and tricks from experts. You don’t have to spend your valuable time looking for those suggestions as we have everything right here for you. So, go through the following sections and find out expert tips that can help you measure square footage accurately:

Make Use of Tools

If you want to keep the process as easy as possible, then you should leverage the presence of online tools. There are plenty of options out there but online Square Footage Calculator is widely recommended as it can calculate the area of the circle, rectangle border, triangle, trapezoid, and other shapes as well.

The online calculator can make it easier for you to calculate the accurate square footage but you have to collect the relevant data first which can be done with the help of a measuring tape. Some people have also opted for a laser measuring tool which is an advanced form of measuring tape. You can choose according to your personal preference.

Take Extra Care of Irregularly-Shaped Rooms

Calculating the square footage of a square or rectangular-shaped room is very easy as all it takes is to multiply the length and width and the result will be the total square foot. But you might get confused if there’s an irregular-shaped room like a triangle, circle, or any other.

You have to be extra careful while calculating the measurement of irregular-shaped rooms as there are entirely different techniques to finding out the correct dimension. You can start by measuring the length of every wall, then divide it into regular shapes. Once you got the square footage of every shape, you can make use of Square Footage Calculator to find out the final result.

Never Forget Stairs

The majority of people forget to count the stairs while calculating the square footage. It should be included in the measurement and you can do that by multiplying the depth of each stair with width, and the answer will be multiplied by the total number of stairs that you have. So, you will get the total square footage of your stairs.

There are some appraisers that prefer to count the square footage of stairs twice as it covers 2 floors. Although there is not a single standard, then it can depend on person to whether count it once or twice.

Take Help From an Appraiser

If you are all set to sell or rent your property but not familiar with the actual square footage of your house, then you don’t need to worry about it as you can hire a professional appraiser who can do it for you. Plus, an experienced person can do it without making any mistakes. So, you will get complete peace of mind as an appraiser will take care of all the measurement headaches.